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In-person Event

24 September 2022 24 September 2022

Category Shows

Times 7 pm

Price Free

In-person Event

18 October 2022 18 October 2022

Category Youth

Times 3 am

Price $10,00 to $13,00

In-person Event

14 October 2022 29 October 2022

Category Shows

Times 7 pm / 8 pm

Price $0,00 to $40,00


In-person Event

May 8 to 12, 2023

Category Youth

Times N/A

Price $200 per group



The Subscription is back!

Book your tickets for 4 shows at once for one simple price : $100 (tax included).


$100 (tax included)

One subscription package includes one ticket to each of the following shows:

BLINDSIDE  Un. Deux. Trois.  Le Soulier  Empreinte(s)


You may always purchase additionnal tickets individually for these shows and all events not included in the subscription package.

Online Purchases

Subscribe  Available until October 29, 2022

Purchases at the TCM Reception

The reception Desk for Théâtre Cercle Molière is located at the entrance of the CCFM. Come visit Rebecca in front of Stella’s for your ticketing needs. Business Hours: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm (The reception desk is closed from 1 pm to 2 pm)

Payment Methods

We accept debit, and major credit cards. Online payments must be made with a credit card.

Ticket exchange policy

All tickets are non-refundable*

  • Tickets can be exchanged with 24 hours notice, depending on availability and only during our office hours.
  • Tickets can be exchanged up to your original performance date.
  • All ticket exchanges have an administrative fee of 2$ per ticket holder.
  • Subscribers receive one free exchange per play. Every exchange thereafter will be subject to the 2$ administrative fee.
  • Tickets cannot be transferred or exchanged for a future play.

Prices and Discounts

  • All prices include GST. Prices may appear different on ticketing site prior to adding GST.
  • Group reservations must be made beforehand with the Théâtre Cercle Molière.
  • Discounts and rebates do not apply to subscriptions or fundraisers.




Banner: Inédit, 2021. Photo by Leif Norman.