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Theatre Etiquette

Arriving late

Late comers will be admitted at the House Manager’s discretion. They may be asked to wait until the intermission. No refunds will be provided.

Photo and video devices

The use of cameras, cellphones or recording devices is strictly forbidden unless otherwise stated. Cellphones should be turned off or put on silent.


Please be mindful of the noise you make. Candy wrappers, talking, whispering, etc., distracts the performers and may ruin the experience for the patrons around you.

Allergies and Perfume

Many people suffer from allergies or are sensitive to strong odors. Please consider this before using perfumes or items that emit strong odors.


Most of our productions are intended for a mature audience. Unless the show is targeted at a younger audience, it is recommended that young children do not attend.


Unless otherwise stated, every patron, despite their age, must have a ticket. Babies and children under the age of 4 are not permitted during shows which are not targeted toward a family audience.


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