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February 6 to 10, 2023

Category TCM School

Times 6 pm

Price $0,00 to $350,00

February 2023

Category Shows

Times 7 pm / 9 am

Price Free

25 January 2023 04 February 2023

Category Shows

Times 7 pm / 8 pm

Price $0,00 to $40,00


May 8 to 12, 2023

Category Youth

Times N/A

Price $200 per group

When She Asked Why I Left


East-Facing Wall of Théâtre Cercle Molière


Artist Statement

When She Asked Why I Left is a series inspired by a poem written by my best friend about a friend she had to let go for her own well being. The series is a loving look back at the beautiful, tender and joyful moments they shared despite how the relationship ended. When She Asked Why I Left is an exploration on the bittersweetness of broken
bonds, and the vulnerability it takes to leave a harmful relationship. Centering Black women in this series and my work is necessary because it is important for Black women to see ourselves represented in nuanced ways to reflect our lived realities.


Glodi Bahati

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Glodi Bahati is a Congolese-born photographer, raised in Uganda as a refugee where she developed interest in art. Bahati currently practises art and resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Photography as a medium has been a tool for Bahati to reflect on herself and ask questions about the world around her, while also celebrating her community. Themes of friendship, love, joy, beauty, exploring and navigating femininity are central to her most recent works, as she feels inspired by the community of women in her life and beyond.

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