School Matinees

Initiate your students to the wonderful world of theatre en français!

The Théâtre Cercle Molière’s Main stage seasons broach a diversity of themes and subjects that will provoke great discussions back in the classroom. The plays are suitable for both French and French immersion schools and are presented at the Théâtre Cercle Molière, 340 Provencher Boulevard. Matinées are typically scheduled at 10 am and 1 pm.

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La Cantatrice chauve et La Leçon

October 16th 10 am & 1 pm
October 22nd 10 am
October 29th 10 am


The Bald Soprano, an anti-play, and The Lesson, a comic drama, are two short works from the 1950s by a master of the Theatre of the Absurd. Ionesco plays with languages to expose the delicious absurdity of words and physical states.

Dis Merci

November 26th 10 am
December 3rd 10 am


Four neighbors plan a party to welcome a refugee family about to arrive. While their urge to open up to the Other is sincere, their methods are not devoid of clumsiness.  Dis merci explores the complex issues of social expectations in an age of immigration and the treatment of anyone who deviates in any way from “the norm”.

La détresse et l’enchantement

April 15th Cancelled
April 16th Cancelled
April 17th Cancelled


Published in 1984, just a year after the novelist’s death, Gabrielle Roy’s autobiography has touched tens of thousands of readers. To illuminate Roy’s profoundly human writing, Marie-Thérèse Fortin and Olivier Kemeid have created a theatrical montage of her memories told in the first person, intimate and emotional, in which the actor, alone on stage, recreates a whole life.

L’incroyable légèreté de Luc L.

January 14th 10 am & 1 pm
January 21st 10 am


Three buddies from New Brunswick have been through the same schools, the same arenas, the same university, and the same traditional Acadian phase. Raised in a rough environment, all three have turned into performing artists. In keeping with his first two scripts, Philippe Soldevila deftly portrays another endearing yet upsetting character with great wit and delicacy.

La Liste

March 4th 10 am & 1 pm
March 10th 10 am & 1 pm
March 17th  Cancelled


In an age of individualism and isolation, to what extent are we responsible for others? In her mania for making lists, and overwhelmed by difficulties in her own life as a mother, a woman has failed to do what would have saved the life of her neighbour, also the mother of small children. This text is the theater of life, where the stage is the kitchen floor, because the greatest tragedies are often triggered by the most mundane events. Winner of the Governor General’s Literary Award in 2008 and the Prix Michel Tremblay in 2010.