Pop-up is a new series of events led by local theatre artists using spaces other than the TCM mainstage. The approach is to examine culture, equality, diversity, inclusion and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. These events are intended for a variety of audiences and remain sensitive to the diversity reflected in today’s community of French speakers. They seek to explore empathy with and curiosity about the Other.


Nuit Blanche at the TCM

Pop-up project led by Simon Miron

Out-0f-town Multicultural Night

Pop-up project led by Alison Palmer, Sylvie Harvey and Shawna Gosselin

Comedy and Dance Night

Pop-up project led by Gislain Kibaga

Reading of Bonne retraite Jocelyne by Fabien Cloutier

Pop-up reading (Happy Retirement, Jocelyne) led by Charles Leblanc

Reading of Inédit by Eric Plamondon

Pop-up reading led by Eric Plamondon