How to take your place in a new city?

Straight Jacket Winter

January 10 - 26, 2019

“We were attracted to Vancouver for its landscape; the mountains, the beaches, the ocean. At the time, we saw it as a sort of year-long trip. We didn’t know then just where it would take us.” When Gilles and Esther move from Montreal to Vancouver, they have no idea what will happen. Their day-to-day habits, friends, outings, everything needs to be reconstructed. Among the barely opened packing boxes, a sense of isolation and being uprooted creeps in on them. Their apartment becomes the setting for a strange new life, created in their imagination. How long will they be able to keep living like this, on the edge of reality? Described here with great delicacy and humour, the autobiographical wanderings of Gilles Poulin-Denis and Esther Duquette have been warmly received across Canada.


Une production de 2PAR4

“We were drawn to Vancouver’s landscape… we did not know how far it was going to lead us. “