L’incroyable légèreté de Luc L.

January 9 to 25, 2020

Three buddies from New Brunswick have been through the same schools, the same arenas, the same university, and the same traditional Acadian phase. Raised in a rough environment, all three have turned into performing artists. In keeping with his first two scripts, Philippe Soldevila deftly portrays another endearing yet upsetting character with great wit and delicacy.

** The Triptyque : On Saturday, January 25th 2020, Les trois exils de Christian E. , Le long voyage de Pierre-Guy B. and L’incroyable légèreté de Luc L. will be shown in succession as part of a day-long theatre-binge-watching event. Each show is a stand-alone, it is therefore not necessary to see all three to enjoy one of them, however TCM wanted to create an opportunity for its viewers to enjoy all three works of theatre at once.


Concept by Philippe Soldevila, Christian Essiambre, Pierre Guy Blanchard and Luc LeBlanc

Produced by Théâtre Sortie de secours and théâtre l’Escaouette

Directed by Philippe Soldevila

Cast Christian Essiambre, Pierre Guy Blanchard and Luc LeBlanc

Duration approximately  95 minutes