La Liste

March 5 to 21, 2020

In an age of individualism and isolation, to what extent are we responsible for others? In her mania for making lists, and overwhelmed by difficulties in her own life as a mother, a woman has failed to do what would have saved the life of her neighbour, also the mother of small children. This text is part fictional soliloquy, part personal diary, part stage monologue and part grocery list, and its setting is the world. This is the theatre of life, where the stage is the kitchen floor, because the greatest tragedies are often triggered by the most mundane events. Winner of the Governor General’s Literary Award in 2008 and the Prix Michel Tremblay in 2010.

Text by Jennifer Tremblay

Produced by  Théâtre Cercle Molière

Directed by Geneviève Pelletier

Distribution Alison Palmer, Asma Zennati, Eunice Hossana and Anna-Laure Koop

Duration approximately 80 minutes