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The participation prize draw following each play is sponsored by :  Stella’s

Frequently Asked Questions :


How can I share my comments about the show?

Any spectator can share comments through our website the link on top of this page. Additionally, the ticket buyer will receive an automated email* the day following the show with a link to participate.

*Only advance ticket buyers will receive an automated email.


I am not getting my email! *

Please check your Spam Inbox. Otherwise, it is possible that TCM does not have your correct email address, that your tickets were initially purchased by someone else or were purchased anonymously. You can verify that we have your correct contact information by emailing

*Only advance ticket buyers will receive an automated email.


How long will this take?

This is a short survey and should take about two minutes of your time. However, feel free to take the time you want to leave us a detailed comment if you wish!


What is the prize draw?

After every official season production, TCM will randomly draw the name of one commentator who has attended the show. The winner will receive a $100 gift card for Stella’s.


Until when can I share my comments and be entered to win?

We will be accepting comments until noon on the Wednesday following the last show. After this time, comments will be collected, and the prize winner will be drawn randomly and announced.


May I be entered more than once in the prize draw?

Each individual may only be entered once in the prize draw. However, you may fill the survey as many times as you want if you have more to say!


Why are comments now online?

TCM is committing to move towards the digital era one step at a time. This new surveying system will allow us to gain a better knowledge of our client’s experiences in order to improve our services. It has the added benefits of allowing spectators to share their thoughts with us at the time that is most convenient to them as well as providing our clientele more anonymity whilst making comments.


Who will read my comment?

All compiled comments will be shared internally at Théâtre Cercle Molière, including the cast and crew of the show as well as some of our partners. Your name will not be associated with your comment. TCM is committed to maintaining the anonymity of all commentators unless we have received explicit permission from an individual to publish their comment.


May I leave an anonymous comment?

All comments are by default anonymous. However, if you prefer not to share your name with TCM, you may write “Anonymous” in the required name and contact information fields. Comments without names are not elligible for the prize draw.