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Oct 18, 2022 - June 16, 2023

Category Youth

Times 12 am

Price $10,00 to $13,00

June 11, 2023

Category Shows

Times 12 am

Price $0,00 to $40,00

Workshop (for adults): Something that wasn’t there before

$0,00 to $70,00

Théâtre Cercle Molière (340 Provencher Blvd)


Workshop (for adults): Something that wasn’t there before

With Elio Zarrillo, assisted by Sarah Lamoureux


May 16, 2023 from 7 PM to 9:30 PM | Mainstage at Théâtre Cercle Molière | Limited spots | By reservation only | For adults | In French


Registration for this workshop is closed


When making a thing, starting the thing is often the hardest thing to do. It’s the challenge of “getting-going” on our potentially excellent ideas that can tend to get in the way. During this workshop, Elio will guide participating artists of all theatrical disciplines through several new-play/new-show/new-idea-generating exercises, providing a kick-start to whatever ideas you might have bouncing around in your head, and ones of which you weren’t even aware. Arrive ready to conceive, experiment and play, and leave with an exciting new something that wasn’t there before.


Elio Zarrillo (Instructor)

Elio Zarrillo is a theatre artist, educator and consultant based on Treaty 1 territory. They love and live to agitate, investigate, experiment and uncover. They work with many theatres & companies in Winnipeg and beyond as a playwright, actor, director and cultural dramaturg.


Sarah Lamoureux (Technical Assistant)

Sarah Lamoureux is a music educator from Winnipeg, Manitoba. They like interacting with youth to help guide them towards their full potential. They had the pleasure of teaching with several theater schools, studios and summer camps, including the Manitoba Theatre for Young People, Camp Rainbow Stage, Meraki Theatre Productions, and the Heidi Korte Music Studio. When they don’t teach, Sarah loves spending time with their cat Mabel.


TCM Theatre School is a space of collaboration and exchange, where creatives can explore the world of theatre in French and develop their love and passion for this expressive art while discovering the ways in which it brings about change and encourages empathy. 

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