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Oct 18, 2022 - June 16, 2023

Category Youth

Times 12 am

Price $10,00 to $13,00

June 11, 2023

Category Shows

Times 12 am

Price $0,00 to $40,00

Workshop (for adults): A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

May 30, 2023

$0,00 to $80,00


Workshop (for adults): A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

With Marie-Ève Fontaine and Natalie Labossière


May 30, 2023 from 7 PM to 9 PM | Studio at Théâtre Cercle Molière | Limited spots | By reservation only | For adults | In French


In the show  Cet été qui chantait, various theatrical forms mix to bring out the scenery and the characters of Petite-Rivière, a pretty little town along the Saint Lawrence River. During the proposed workshop, the artists will get the participants to try different image theatre techniques. Once they have the tools in hand, each will be invited to create a scene whose theme will be “the little joys of summer. ”


Marie-Ève Fontaine (Instructor)

Marie-Ève Fontaine is a versatile theatre artist. After studying in theatre at the University of Ottawa, she works throughout Canada as an actress, puppeteer, and stage director. On stage, we have seen her in about fifteen professional productions, including the solo Le dire de Di by Michel Ouellette (Théâtre Catapulte and Théâtre français de Toronto), Ciseaux de Lisa L’Heureux (Théâtre Rouge Écarlate) and Dehors by Gilles Poulin-Denis (Productions Hôtel-Motel). On television, she plays Clémence in Le monde de Gabrielle Roy which is aired by Radio-Canada. On the creative side, she has written for and directed LA CRÉATION, Projet 200 and Une pelletée de poèmes with Chiens de soleil of the Université de Saint-Boniface.


Natalie Labossière (Instructor)

Natalie Labossière is a multidisciplinary Franco-Manitoban artist who has become a resident of the Northwest Territories. As a young adult, Natalie is driven by the desire to create and to share, with young and adult audiences, the magic of marionnettes. Natalie collaborates in the creating of performances for young audiences including La tête de cochon (1998) and Les Quat’Cochons (2002-2005) which toured schools in the province. At the same time, we see her on the Théâtre Cercle Molière stage and at the Ligue d’improvisation du Manitoba, then on television thanks to Productions Rivard where Natalie is the principal puppeteer in the series Paul et Suzanne et Carmen à la Campagne (2003 – 2009).

Being a multidisciplinary artist, Natalie founds Flammèche Théâtre, a new collaborative space. She participates in the outdoor performance Tjaart (2010-2012) and A Taste of the Wildcat (2014) by Stuck in a Snowbank Theatre à Yellowknife in the NWT. It’s with joy and pride that Natalie presents Cet été qui chantait with Marie-Ève, her daughter.


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