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TCM Theatre School

$150 + | Financial Aid available


TCM Theatre School

ONLINE Courses!

We have created for you a reimagined theatre school offering online We want to make sure that everyone feels safe while creating together. We hope you enjoy it!

The TCM Theatre School introduces children to the world of theatre in French by exploring various disciplines in the performing arts to develop their interest, love, and passion for the theatre and for the French language. The TCM Theatre School is an inclusive and creative space for Manitoba’s young Francophones. The environment is one of collaboration and exchange, where young people can discover their talents and explore how theatre can bring about change and encourage empathy. 


The TCM Theatre School offers three levels of classes divided by age group:
The Explorers : 4 to 5 years The Creators : 6 to 9 years The Innovators : 10 to 13 years  


The Innovators, TCM Theatre School’s end-of-year show 2019


Registration for the winter session is closed.



204-233-8053 ext. 203




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