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Wednesday March 24, 2021

Category For Theatre Buffs

Times 7 pm

Price FREE | Fillm Rental: $6,99


March 19, 2021

Category Shows

Times 7 pm CT

Price TBD


Category For Theatre Buffs

Times N/A

Price Free

Category For Theatre Buffs

Times 24/7

Price Free


March 7, 2021

Category For Families

Times 2 pm

Price Free


$15 | Varies depending on the Pop-up



A series of events showcasing multidisciplinary art forms.


Previous Pop-ups:


A virtual show presented on February 4, 5 & 6 2021 at 8 pm | Zoom | 45 minutes

It is often said that being a wife, a teacher and a mother are not just occupations, but callings. Jacinthe is a vibrant and passionate woman who has lived many lives in one! See her at three moments in her life: a newly married Jacinthe who is in her first year of teaching; a weary Jacinthe who has to adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic; and an older Jacinthe taking a philosophical look back at her life. Whether you are young, stressed or older and wiser, Jacinthe is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Tickets* : $15
*Special pricing for groups of 25 and over. Contact Marie-Ève Fontaine : 204.583.0779,


Presented by

Written & Performed by Carole Freynet-Gagné, Mariette Kirouac & Natalie Labossière
Production Manager & Artistic Consultant Marie-Ève Fontaine
Technical Director Miguel Fortier



“Confinons, tajinons”

مرحبا | November 5th, 6th and 7th, 2020 from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM on Zoom

You love to cook? You enjoy theatre? Why not experience both together?!

During the national week of francophone immigration, join Confinons, tajinons! Cook a traditionnal Moroccan tajine online with a family of newcomers while you follow the twists and turns of a fictitious frano-manitoban family trying to get closer during this time of social isolation. Wrap up the evening by  enjoying your delicious homemade tajine and listening to traditionnal Moroccan music. (Available in French only)

Script Alison Palmer with assistance from Asmaa Zennati
Creative Collaboration Alison Palmer, Asmaa Zennati, Eric Rae, Micheline Girardin, Keith Damboise & Sylvie Harvey
Script Revision Salwa Meddri
Theatrical Consultant Karim Troussi
Cast Simon Miron, Sylvie Harvey, Alison Palmer, Keith Damboise, Asmaa Zennati, Mohammed Baker Moussaoui
Host Eric Rae
Musical Accompaniment Hakim Moussaoui
Stage Manager, Administration, Directing Assistant Alison Palmer
Technical Director Miguel Fortier



By Emily Solstice Tait, Kelsey Kanatan Wavey and Juniper Mann-Nelson (Urban Indigenous Theatre Company)

Perceptions is a multidisciplinary performance because we are all multifaceted people. Whatever it is you perceive, informed by a lifetime of experience, isn’t necessarily me. I am guts, veins and sinew woven together like twine. Come and see for yourself. Let your mind open and see what your eyes can’t.

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