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12 Oct. 2020 13 Apr. 2021


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Pop-up is a series of multidisciplinary creations produced by local artists.



When : October 26 to 31, 2020 | All night long, starting at sunset

Where : TCM Foyer, as seen from outside (Provencher Boulevard)

Echoing a not-so-distant past, Personate silhouettes nostalgic ghosts as they perform forbidden acts of gathering closely.

Artist: Hayley Mummery  @backstageblues

Pronouns: They/Them



By Emily Solstice Tait, Kelsey Kanatan Wavey and Juniper Mann-Nelson (Urban Indigenous Theatre Company) | Available online November 2020.

Perceptions is a multidisciplinary performance because we are all multifaceted people. Whatever it is you perceive, informed by a lifetime of experience, isn’t necessarily me. I am guts, veins and sinew woven together like twine. Come and see for yourself. Let your mind open and see what your eyes can’t.


“Sous les tilleuls”

By Bertrand Nayet | Date to be determined

More details to come


“Et si Anne Frank avait survécu à la Shoah?”

By Martine Bordeleau | April 13th, 2021

More details to come



Cover photo credit: Miguel Fortier (Personate)

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