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Oct 18, 2022 - June 16, 2023

Category Youth

Times 12 am

Price $10,00 to $13,00

June 11, 2023

Category Shows

Times 12 am

Price $0,00 to $40,00

Le Soulier

Jan 20 - Feb 4, 2023

$0,00 to $40,00

Théâtre Cercle Molière (340 Provencher Blvd)


Le Soulier

«In this work from Paquet — who has won the Governor General’s Literary Award for French-language drama — the audience sits at a remove from the stress […] in the traditions of commedia dell’arte, vaudeville and burlesque. The stress becomes funny. Painfully, truthfully funny.» – Ben Waldman, Winnipeg Free Press


«A comical tone to bring lightness» – Radjaa Abdelsadok, ICI MANITOBA


Anna-Laure Koop speaks with David Paquet, author of the play Le Soulier, which will be performed at Théâtre Cercle Molière from January 20 to February 4, 2023.

A captivating interview between two theater enthusiasts.

Guest: David Paquet

Animation : Anna-Laure Koop

Audio editing: Yanick LaRoche

Visual design: Arielle Morier-Roy

In collaboration with Envol91FM.




Following persistent pain, Mélanie brings Benoit, her eight-year-old son, to the dentist. This evidently leads to a legendary tantrum. The thing is that with Benoit, nothing is ever simple. Proof of this: in the dentist’s office, much more than cavities will be found in his mouth… Consequently Mélanie, assisted by an altruistic yet alcoholic receptionist and a dentist who would rather talk to plants than humans, will be forced to admit that her son seems to suffer from much more than a simple toothache.


Le Soulier is a bipolar comedy in which we bond with characters who insist on being happy. The author, recipient of the Prix du Gouverneur général du Canada in 2010 and the Prix auteur dramatique du Centre du Théâtre d’Aujourd’hui in 2017, signs a hilarious and troubling text here, where empathy hits harder than disease.


In memory of Drew Facey



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  • Subtitles available in English every night.
  • Q & A session with the performers every night.
  • The performance is 75 minutes, without intermission.
  • Tickets available at the door (subject to availability)

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Produced by : Théâtre de la Seizième

Text : David Paquet

Directed by : Esther Duquette, Gilles Poulin-Denis

Cast : Annie Lefebvre, Joey Lespérance, France Perras, Felix Beauchamps

Set Design, Costumes & Props : Drew Facey

Music : Malcolm Dow

Lighting : Itai Erdal

Movement : Noam Gagnon

Stage Manager : Jessica Bournival

Technical Direction : Hannah Abbott

Props Assistant : Tegan Klancnik

Surtitles : Leanna Brodie

Photo Credit : Hugo B Lefort & Gaëtan Nerincx

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