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Je cherche une maison qui vous ressemble

18 Jan. 2022 29 Jan. 2022

$0,00 to $40,00

Théâtre Cercle Molière


Je cherche une maison qui vous ressemble



In memory of Pauline Julien & Gérald Godin


Twenty years after the death of Pauline Julien, Catherine Allard wanted to create a show in tribute to the passionate and committed fever of this songstress who left, like her great love Gérald Godin, a remarkable legacy for Québec. Blending poetry, documentary, live music and theatre, this creation revives these two icons’ quest for independence and the absolute. Some may make a wonderful discovery; others may seize this chance to remember their idols.

Presented to publics of all generations during an extended tour, the play has generated curiosity and enthusiasm for these two central characters of Québec’s cultural and identity history, and for the political events that marked their era.


Pedagogical File (French Only)




Je cherche une maison qui vous ressemble in pictures

Pauline Julien & Gérald Godin


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Produced by : Autels particuliers & Théâtre les gens d’en bas

Presented by : Théâtre Cercle Molière

Text : Marie-Christine Lê-Huu

Director : Benoît Vermeulen

Assistant Director : Arianne Lamarre

STAGE MANAGER : Marie-Frédérique Gravel

cast : Catherine Allard, Gabriel Robichaud, Gaël Lane Lépine (piano), Cédric Dind-Lavoie (bass)

Set, accessory and costume design : Nathalie Trépanier

costume design : Estelle Charron

makeup design : Angelo Barsetti

lighting design : Etienne Boucher

sound design : Gaël Lane Lépine

video design : Julien Blais

voice coaching : Marie-Claire Séguin

movement consultant : Myriam Allard

technical director : David Poisson

tour coordination & creation production director : Maude St-Pierre

Autels particuliers production director : Marjorie Bélanger

tour agent : Paule Maher

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