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10 Nov. 2021 12 Dec. 2021

Category Shows

Times 3 pm / 8 pm

Price $12,00 à $20,00

24 Sep. 2021 24 Oct. 2021

Category For Theatre Buffs

Times 8 pm

Price Free

23 Oct. 2021 04 Dec. 2021

Category Shows

Times 7 pm

Price $0,00 à $40,00

12 Oct. 2021 23 Oct. 2021

Category Shows

Times 7 pm

Price $0,00 à $40,00

Build me a story



Build me a story

(Light Boxes located outside 340 Provencher Boulevard)


Les artistes

The artists of Construis-moi une histoire (Build me a story) | Photo Credit: Calvin Joseph & Synonym Art Consultation


Follow our artists on social media:

Brianna Wentz Brianna Wentz (Youth Coordinator/Artist)

@briaaafernandes Bria Fernandes Kailey Sheppard

@ekenemaduka Ekene Maduka

@chukwudubemukaigwe Chukwudubem Busayo Ukaigwe

Nelson Mutima



La Maison des artistes visuels francophones

The display boxes were first installed in 2015 thanks to the étincELANte project lead by la Maison des artistes visuels francophones. More than a simple public art project, these display units take part in promoting the importance of arts and culture for the franco-manitoban community.


Théâtre Cercle Molière

Through this initiative, the unique art pieces created are rooted in the diversity and human histories of the artists. Through its display in a public space, the art feeds into a narrative of belonging to a common community regardless of its origin.


Conseil jeunesse provincial

The Conseil jeunesse provincial is proud to support this public space to display the talent of artistic youth in Manitoba.


Centre culturel franco-manitobain

The Centre culturel franco-manitobain is very happy to have contributed to this endeavor which gives young artists opportunities to develop their skills and to showcase them in a public space.


Art Pieces Brought Together by  Brianna Wentz and Synonym Art Consultation

Through this installation, Wentz + Synonym Youth Programming Consultants wish to assemble a coherent body of works representing an entire theatre season. Through the wooden background, artists were able to evoke the plastic nature of theatre décor despite using a 2D medium. It was the perfect occasion to invite young emerging artist-painters, among the best in Winnipeg, to interpret a very diverse series of plays.





This project was made possible by the Province of Manitoba.


Photo Credits: Calvin Joseph & Synonym Art Consultation

Produced by : Synonym Art Consultation

Cast : Brianna Wentz (Youth Coordinator/Artist), Chukwudubem Busayo Ukaigwe, Bria Fernandes, Ekene Maduka, Nelson Mutima, Kailey Sheppard

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