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In-person Event

Les 10 et 11 juin 2022

Category For Families

Times 9 am

Price Free

In-person Event

29 May 2022 29 May 2022

Category For Families

Times 10 am

Price Free

In-person Event

29 May 2022 29 May 2022

Category For Theatre Buffs

Times 10 am

Price Free

Avec ou sans filtre

08 Mar. 2022 19 Mar. 2022

$0,00 à $40,00


Avec ou sans filtre

Un temps suspendu


2021 draws to a close; five young artists who don’t know each other meet through screens, writing and sharing their writing. Virtual reality, the changing world around them, life choices and predictions are all on the table. The artists come from hot or cold climates and now call Winnipeg home. Theatre, music, and Zoom bring them together. In an online existence, they are left to their own defenses. With humour and distance, they raise questions about fakery, the individual, appearances, and universal values. And when they finally see each other “in real life” for the first time, they feel as though they know each other already.

Come experience this theatrical commentary and enter the private rooms into which you are invited.


Proof of vaccination and wearing a mask are required. The capacity of the theatre is reduced.



After experiencing the play: Share your perspective with the cast and crew

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Writers/Performers : Simon Boily, Karam Daoud, Lacina Dembelé & Taylor Gregory

Dramaturg : Valérie Cachard

Co-directors : Anna-Laure Koop & Geneviève Pelletier

Stage Manager/Performer : Sarah Lamoureux

Sound Design : Dasha Plett

Lighting Design : Tristan-Olivier Breiding

Costume Design : Marie-Rosette Mikulu

Set Design : Milaine Curé

Technical Director : Miguel Fortier

Elder : Dolorès Gosselin

Apprentice Lighting Design : Patrick Bellemare

Apprentice Stage Manager : Janelle (Jay) Campagne

Scenographer for the Ambulatory : Manon Terranova

Mentor for Costume Design : Megan McMillan

Chief Carpenter : Keith Damboise

Research : Joanna Simoens

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