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24 Sep. 2021 24 Sep. 2021

Category For Theatre Buffs

Times 8 pm

Price Free

09 Sep. 2021 24 Sep. 2021

Category For Theatre Buffs

Times 5 pm

Price Free

15 Sep. 2021 15 Sep. 2021

Category For Theatre Buffs

Times 3 pm

Price N/A


25 Sep. 2021 25 Sep. 2021

Category TCM

Times 7 pm

Price $25 - $240+ (Fundraiser)

Annie et Tom du lundi au vendredi

27 Oct. 2021 30 Nov. 2021

$12,00 à $20,00


Annie et Tom du lundi au vendredi

In a structure evoking the five acts of classical theatre and the unabated monotony of modern capitalism, Annie and Tom reveal how far they are prepared to venture to make peace with the limitations that tear them down. They dream as two, with the quirky inhabitants of their reality: Dixie, the smartass phone that toggles between seductive and sinister, Abdel, the aspiring DJ who delivers pizzas with extra sauce, and Sami, who walks the back alley to look at the couple’s dilapidated house from outside. In the course of a week, Annie and Tom sway between breaking points and ecstasy in the endless labyrinth of their life.



Thank-you : Gabriel Lévesque, Freynet-Gagné Consultation Traduction 

Written by : Amber O'Reilly

Directed by : Marie-Ève Fontaine | Stage Manager & Lighting Design : Ainza Bellefeuille | Scenography : Matthieu Bohémier et Denis Vrignon-Tessier | Sound : Joseph Péloquin-Hopfner | Costumes : Marie-Rosette Mikulu | Costume Mentorship : Jean-Marc Lafond | Accessories: Eunice Hossana Muzibao | Video : Philippe Bellefeuille | Photographer : Jonathan Lorange | Technical Direction : Miguel Fortier | Technicians : Keith Damboise, Patrick Bellemare, Cari Simpson | Cameras: Philippe Bellefeuille, Brad Crawford | Camera Assistant : Quan Luong | Sound Capture : Kevin Bacon | Animation & Editing: Frédéric Demers | Color Correction : Jesse De Rocquigny | Set Manager : Samantha Sage

Produced by : Co-produced by Amber O’Reilly & Théâtre Cercle Molière

Cast : Annie: Janique Freynet-Gagné | Tom: Lacina Lasso Dembélé | Dixie: Micheline Girardin | Abdel: Mohamed-Amin Kehel | Sami: Alexandre Quesnel

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