Daycare service

How about an evening without the kids?

You can leave your children with us at 5:30pm, then have a romantic dinner-date and an evening at the Théâtre Cercle Molière.
For parents looking for a cultural activity and a bargain, the TCM offers exclusive child-minding at $5 per family. This service allows parents to enjoy the theatre in peace, knowing their children are close by and safe in the hands of qualified staff. This new service is made possible through a recent partnership with the Fédération des parents du Manitoba (FPM, Manitoba parents’ federation).
Using FPM facilities, your children can have fun with a wide range of toys, games, costumes and activities. The whole family will be able to enjoy theatre night. So mark your calendars on the first Saturday of each production.

Here are the dates for 2019-2020
Saturday, October 19 | 8pm Cancelled

Saturday, November 23 | 8pm

Saturday, January 11 | 8pm

Saturday, March 7 | 8pm

Saturday, April 18 | 8pm  Cancelled

Please note

Places must be reserved and paid for no later than 3 days before the show, by phoning 204 233 8053.

Become a member of the FPM and enjoy a discount on the price of theatre tickets. Payment is non- refundable.

More details:

Participants may drop off their children starting at 5:30 pm and must pick them up before 10 pm. FPM (2-622B, Taché Ave)


Children will have a meal as well as popcorn when watching a film.

There are many activities at their disposal. The educators participate as well.


There are three qualified children’s educators as well as one FPM employee on site at all times.


There are matresses if the young ones want to rest since it is a bit late. Parents need only bring their blanket. There is a separate room for this purpose and an educator will be watching them.


For any further questions, please contact